Classrooms: Hazardous playgrounds for teachers? What schools must do to minimise their exposure to legal liability

A recent High Court decision has sounded a wake-up call for school leaders and principals on the importance of workplace safety measures in schools.

A Year 3 teacher suffered a knee injury when she slipped off a two-step ladder. The High Court concluded that the school had failed to provide the teacher with sufficient training to ensure that she did her tasks in the safest way possible.

Watch the full 30-min webinar recording

Velpic has partnered with Mills Oakley to provide an informative webinar specifically aimed at school leaders and principals regarding the High Court decision and the practical implications for schools in minimising their exposure to liability.

In this webinar, Kate and Russell discuss:

  • The significance and implications of the High Court decision
  • What schools must do to minimise risk and exposure
  • How Velpic helps you make your school a safer place

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For schools only: Compliance training made simple

Schools can now leverage Velpic’s full flagship services and Mills Oakley’s ongoing expert content in our Schools Pack—at a fraction of both our commercial offerings for a single annual fee—because we know this game-changing strategy can transform the way your school conducts workplace training to minimise its exposure to legal liability.

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Kate Walawski

Special Counsel at Mills Oakley

A former music teacher, Kate now provides expert legal advice on workplace relations and employment law. She specialises in helping HR practitioners and business owners traverse and navigate the complexities of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and the constantly evolving employment landscape; and is a passionate educator who conducts workshops on workplace behaviour, performance management, restructuring, and redundancy. Kate is also a registered Accredited Mediator with LEADR and the National Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators.