Watch the recording "Maximise your career potential: Tips from a corporate headhunter"

If you want to give yourself a competitive edge throughout your career, don't wait until you need to look for a job to manage your career right. Start now!

In this webinar, James suggests the little things you could do that could make a big difference—to more than triple the odds of maximising your career advancement.

  • Learn to leverage the 3 Ps
  • Manage your personal brand online and offline
  • Showcase your talent on paper and in person
  • Decide on career opportunities wisely

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James Fairbairn

Partner at Lester Blades Executive Search, Selection and Retention

An executive search, selection and retention expert for over 21 years, author of ‘Career Karma’ and ‘Resume Karma’.

“No matter how the job market is performing, you have the ability to boost your career opportunities and tilt the odds in your favour. Learn to play your cards right.”