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Create a workplace that brings out the best in your people

Want to create an environment where people are motivated to go to work and are engaged to perform at their best? Hear what HR expert Jayne Griffiths has to recommend on these core areas:

  • The HR framework
  • Conflict in the workplace
  • Managing performance
  • Employee engagement

Watch the recording of our 30-minute webinar ‘Managing People to Maximise Performance’.


Jayne Griffiths

HR Director at My HR Adviser

A successful HR consultant and coach for 18 years, President of Stirling Business Association. Jayne's passion is working with SMB and family businesses to find the balance between clarifying structure and boundaries, whilst creating the opportunity for people to reach their highest potential.

"I am passionate about working with businesses to create a fantastic workplace, where people want to come to work and have the opportunity to perform at their best."