Motivate your top employees to stay by giving them the training they value


Pros and cons of the retail business

PROS - As a retailer, you probably love the variety of people, products and services you encounter in this popular career, as well as the growth opportunities that come with it.
CONS - Alas, you are also probably too familiar with these major challenges:
  • A decline in sales volume
  • The struggle to hire and keep enough quality staff
  • Low business confidence in a highly-competitive landscape
What is a cost effective and efficient way to deal with these challenges?

The heart of retail is its people

This means that the people you have right now are potentially your single most valuable resource for success. If you look after and nurture your people, they will serve you well as your brand ambassadors, and look after your customers by creating a brand that they can relate to, a brand they have a strong connection with.

Because people don't just buy products. They buy solutions to their problems.

Ideas for dealing with retail challenges

There are endless ways to equip your people with knowledge to help everyone navigate the dark side of the retail landscape with skilled confidence.

Put effort into growing your people. Your business will thank you for it.

  • Leverage training tools like Velpic to create a workplace where people are valued and love coming to work, and customers love coming to buy from.
  • Access video training content similar to the one to the left when you add lessons from Velpic's on-demand Marketplace to your account.

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Train and Upskill Staff
  • Increase knowledge sharing among seasoned and new staff
  • Use video onboarding to help staff in all locations hit the ground running
  • Release frequent updates via mobile to keep skills and knowledge current
Keep Staff Morale High
  • Encourage staff to internalise business values with training
  • Promote a collaborative culture with open communication
  • Create a learning culture that values everyone's knowledge